Creative England

We’re very pleased to announce that Fierce Kaiju was one of the studios awarded a grant as part of Creative England’s Gameslab Leeds Initiative. This support will allow us to create a prototype for what is undoubtedly our most ambitious work yet.

Welcome to the new Fierce Kaiju website!

Here at Fierce Kaiju, we like to give the best and we like keep you happy … so for your delectation, here’s our shiny new website so you can better keep track of all Kaiju-related movements. Enjoy!

Viral EX launches for Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch!

Fierce Kaiju are proud to announce that Viral EX, the remastered version of the Gear VR launch title Viral, is now available for Oculus Rift – download it from the Oculus Store. Alongside the classic gameplay, it also adds Touch support for all new blasting fun!  

Insight for hire

Team Up!

Exciting news coming out of Fierce Kaiju, we’re teaming up with the widely respected and hugely experienced folk over at Insight for Hire. Insight for Hire will be assisting with company development and strengthening our publishing efforts as we push on in what is sure to be a hugely exciting year for Fierce Kaiju and…

Oculus Rift Launched

Viral, the Oculus Rift Release & More…

We’re almost two weeks into the new year and we can tell that 2016 is going to be a big one for Fierce Kaiju and VR in general. We recently saw the pre orders for Oculus Rift open along with the announcement of the release date and price. It looks like an incredibly exciting piece…

Gear VR

Gear VR – Mobile VR is Here

An incredibly exciting time is almost upon us, the full commercial launch of Samsung’s Gear VR is just 3 days away at the time of writing, launching on November 20th in the US with the international release to follow. We’ll let you know the international launch dates when we hear more. If you’re in the…

We are one!

Happy 1st Birthday To Us!

Well that really did roll around quickly. Today is Fierce Kaiju’s first birthday. Overall It’s been a fantastic first year and we’re proud of our efforts with our first title Viral. Being among the first to market in this new wave of VR gaming was a real milestone for us as a team. We had…

Emergency Broadcast 005 – 10 cool forthcoming VR titles.

We love our VR at Fierce Kaiju, so as you might expect we’re pretty excited about all the new VR tech on offer, from the Gear VR and Google Cardboard to the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Sony’s Morpheus. As with any platform the important part will be the software available. We’ll have some big…

Emergency Broadcast 004

Emergency Broadcast 004 – 10 things we loved at E3 2015.

Well it’s that time of year once again, E3 opened with a spectacular bang in 2015. And whilst we aren’t exhibiting this year, Fierce Kaiju are out at the show. At Fierce Kaiju we’re all gamers first and foremost, we wanted to post some of our highlights from E3 2015 so far.      …

Emergency Broadcast 003

Emergency Broadcast – 003

So we’re a little bit late with episode 003 of our Emergency Broadcast, the first one of 2015 no less. We’re hard at work wrapping up the full version of “Viral” and work has also begun on some rather special stuff that we’re unable to share just yet. Today we were very excited to hear…

Emergency Broadcast 002

Emergency Broadcast – 002

We’ve been extremely busy finishing off Viral Lite in preparation for our submission. We’re extremely excited and proud to announce that Viral Lite will be available as a free download at launch exclusively for Gear VR. We dont have an exact date for this, but when we do we’ll certainly shout about it.