Emergency Broadcast 003

Emergency Broadcast – 003

So we’re a little bit late with episode 003 of our Emergency Broadcast, the first one of 2015 no less. We’re hard at work wrapping up the full version of “Viral” and work has also begun on some rather special stuff that we’re unable to share just yet. Today we were very excited to hear…

Emergency Broadcast 002

Emergency Broadcast – 002

We’ve been extremely busy finishing off Viral Lite in preparation for our submission. We’re extremely excited and proud to announce that Viral Lite will be available as a free download at launch exclusively for Gear VR. We dont have an exact date for this, but when we do we’ll certainly shout about it.

Emergency Broadcast 001

Emergency Broadcast – 001

The Emergency Broadcast is a platform for us to share stuff that we think is worth sharing, and also deliver any exciting Fierce Kaiju news that we might have. They will come in a variety of forms, but primarily they will either be written on here or posted on our upcoming YouTube channel.

Enter The Kaiju!

Enter the Kaiju!

ANNOUNCING THE FORMATION OF NEW U.K. STUDIO FIERCE KAIJU LTD, AND THEIR FIRST TITLE “VIRAL” FOR GEAR VR Fierce Kaiju is a new development studio founded by a group of talented and experienced developers, shortly to release their first title “Viral” in partnership with Oculus VR. Dan Roberts, Andy Greensmith and Paul Colls, all previously…