Emergency Broadcast – 001

Oculus Connect 1

Welcome to our first “Emergency Broadcast”.

The Emergency Broadcast is a platform for us to share stuff that we think is worth sharing, and also deliver any exciting Fierce Kaiju news that we might have. They will come in a variety of forms, but primarily they will either be written on here or posted on our upcoming YouTube channel.

Oculus Connect

Relatively old news but Oculus Connect came and went back in September, however we felt it worthwhile to share this great talk from Max Cohen and Ryan Rutherford from Oculus.

They give some great insight on developing for Gear VR and the Gear VR platform in general, which will of course be the home of our new title Viral.

We saw some great titles for Gear VR, from the likes of Omega Agent, the vertigo fuelled title from Fireproof Games. The beautiful Land’s End by ustwo and the intriguing Darknet by E McNeill along with many more.

Crescent Bay

Oculus Crescent Prototype

Fierce Kaiju were at the show though unfortunately we weren’t ready to show Viral. We were however blown away by the presentation of the Oculus Crescent Bay prototype. 360 degree tracking made peering over high edges and stomping dinosaurs extremely exciting.

The whole trip galvanised our thoughts on VR development and made us even more certain that this time it’s here to make a real difference.

We hope you find our Emergency Broadcast interesting and insightful. Please keep a look out for Emergency Broadcast – 002 and if you have any questions, thoughts or feedback, please get in touch via Facebook and/or Twitter.

The Fierce Kaiju Team.