In the Summer of 2014 Fierce Kaiju was born ...

… small, but perfectly formed. Our heads buzzing with ideas, and the experience of working on games such as Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption and Call of Duty providing a solid base to build those ideas from. What to do, and what not to do. Quality. Innovation. Focus. Ambition, but don’t over-reach. Make mistakes and learn from them. Keep it lean. Keep it fun.

Get our heads down and make a game that everyone will love. Our first title “Viral” followed only a couple of months later.

From the start, our vision was clear:

We make games we care about. We like making fun stuff and trying new things. We want to put a smile on your face”. 

It remains the same to this day. It applies to our games, and we’d love to apply it to yours too.

As well as working tirelessly on our own titles, Fierce Kaiju are a full-service studio. Whether it’s helping you to build a project from the ground up, or giving a push to get it over the line, our commitment to quality remains the same. Feel free to get in touch and discuss what you need.

where it all happens ...

Meet The Team

PAUL COLLS – Creative Director and Co-Founder

A games fanatic who’s held nearly every job in the games biz, he’s now on a mouth watering journey to find Leeds’ greatest pig-out spo … oh hang on, no thats something else (although pretty much true). Paul sits in charge of FK’s huge pile of excellent game designs but tends to wear at least a couple of hats, on a good day.


NEIL DODWELL – Technical Director

Neil is a near 30 year veteran of the Games industry, which to look at him should mean he had his first job when he was about 5 or something. We think he might be some kind of Wizard.

DAN ROBERTS – Art Director and Co-Founder

Dan’s also knocked around for a good while, but probably hasn’t weathered it as well as Neil. Dan is on the Ultimate and Righteous Quest to eliminate UV Mapping from the equation.


LAURENCE WHAITES – Technical Artist

Speaking of multi-hats, Laurence tends to wear an entire hat shop on his still ‘relatively’ young head. Code, art, codey art and arty code. He appears to be unbreakable, try as we might.

JODIE COLLS – Admin Manager

Jodie sorts out the stuff no-one wants to do …  where would we be without Jodie? Somewhere cold, with wolves after us probably.