Enter the Kaiju!

The Fierce Kaiju Team

Announcing the formation of new U.K Studio Fierce Kaiju Ltd, and their first title "Viral" for Gear VR

Fierce Kaiju is a new development studio founded by a group of talented and experienced developers, shortly to release their first title “Viral” in partnership with Oculus VR.

Dan Roberts, Andy Greensmith and Paul Colls, all previously of Rockstar Games and Activision, head up the new outfit based in Yorkshire, UK.

“The North of England has been a hub for games innovation and creativity for decades, and we’re proud to continue to be part of that tradition” says Dan Roberts, Co-Founder and Art Director. “Our team members have achieved a lot over the years, but it doesn’t feel like enough, there’s loads still to try.”

The hugely experienced team, who have worked on titles such as Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption and Call of Duty amongst many others, are now focused on delivering innovative titles across a range of platforms, with VR being a natural next step.

“We’re kicking things off with ‘Viral’ on the Gear VR, the new collaboration between Samsung and Oculus. This piece of kit is quite something, and we’re excited to be bringing our ideas to life on it” adds Dan.

Paul Colls, Co-Founder and Creative Director, adds “We’re having a stack of fun making and playing Viral. The sheer immersion you get from VR is just incredible, and the possibilities for gameplay innovation are really interesting. We can’t wait to share the results with you.”

Paul goes on to say, “And we’re not stopping there, we already have an exciting prototype up and running for our second project. We hope to share more on this very soon.”

For more information about the studio and their projects, visit www.fiercekaiju.com , or find the team on Facebook and Twitter.