Emergency Broadcast – 003

So we’re a little bit late with episode 003 of our Emergency Broadcast, the first one of 2015 no less. We’re hard at work wrapping up the full version of “Viral” and work has also begun on some rather special stuff that we’re unable to share just yet.

Today we were very excited to hear that Samsung’s Gear VR is now available for purchase in the UK. Which means that UK VR enthusiasts will soon be able to play “Viral Lite” our first title.

Gear VR

Hot on the heals of this comes word that we’re almost finished with the full version of “Viral”. We’ll have some exciting material to share very soon.

Here’s some other news that grabbed our attention recently.

Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLens

The new Microsoft HoloLens was announced at the recent Windows 10 reveal. HoloLens isn’t “VR” or “Virtual Reality” which is where much of our current work is focused, but “AR” or Augmented Reality.

For those of you not in the know, the difference is quite simple. With VR the aim is to take the user to an entirely different virtual place, where they can interact with virtual content. It’s obviously not real but we try to convince the user’s brain and senses into believing that it is. This might be an Alien World, the planet Mars a massive street party, anything.

Now with AR the concept is a little different. The user still deals with virtual items and objects but they are placed in and around their actual world space. So in game terms you might have characters erupting out of your living room floor and walls, or you might be able to play a virtual board game on your table with friends across the other side of the world.

As mentioned most of our focus is on VR, but were extremely excited about developments in AR too. Check out Microsoft’s recent promo video.

Microsoft HoloLens

Spotify & Sony Sitting in a Tree!

Spotify Playstation

It’s music to our ears. Sony and Spotify recently announced the arrival of Spotify on the PlayStation Network. A genius move, that means we get the chance to smash out some quality tunes whilst enjoying our favorite PS4 games.

And finally we did a little bit of press earlier this month, check out the article over on Pocket Gamer.biz for some words from our Creative Director and a bunch of other great teams working in the VR space.

Six launch game developers discuss their hopes for Samsung’s Gear VR

More from us soon, bye for now.