Happy 1st Birthday To Us!

Well that really did roll around quickly. Today is Fierce Kaiju’s first birthday.

Overall It’s been a fantastic first year and we’re proud of our efforts with our first title Viral. Being among the first to market in this new wave of VR gaming was a real milestone for us as a team. We had a fantastic response to Viral from critics and players alike, and so we feel that it’s important to allow more gamers and VR enthusiasts access to a game that we still love playing ourselves.

We’re pleased to announce that “Viral Lite” will soon be available for DK2 via Oculus Share. This is a free demo version of Viral and will be available before the start of August. The full game following in the not too distant future.

Viral Lite - DK2 Version

Viral Lite – DK2 Version

While the gameplay remains largely the same as its Gear VR counterpart, we’ve approached this very much as a PC title, we’ve reworked and polished accordingly and naturally added layers of shiny stuff befitting the extra grunt. Viral Lite will feature the first 3 sectors of the game, giving 15 full stages to play through along with global leaderboards.

Viral Lite – DK2 Version

Viral Lite – DK2 Version

It’s Been Educational

Like many of our peers and people involved in VR we’re learning as we go. It’s no secret that developing VR titles differs wildly from traditional game development, whether that’s in terms of keeping your work as optimal as possible or figuring out new movement controls or interface examples, we have to approach things slightly differently and nothing can be taken for granted.

Along the way we’re sharing our own experiences, we believe that this is the best way to learn fast and this year we’ve been out at events such as SouthWest VR and Develop along with visiting other VR developers and platform holders.

Check out our talk from SouthWest VR earlier this year.

We’ve had a wild ride so far and we’re extremely excited for what we’ll bring in the future.

More You Say

Whilst we’ve spent a lot of time developing our own IP in the form of Viral, we’ve also been working on a number of prototypes, one of which we’re happy to share with you today.

It’s going by the incredibly creative working title of “Fierce Kaiju Working Prototype 3.5”, and we have a sneak peek at some of the in game visuals. At this time we don’t have any further details other than it represents a unique VR experience that’s a hell of a lot of fun in multiplayer.

Prototype 3.5
Prototype 3.5
Prototype 3.5
Prototype 3.5

And Finally

If you’ve downloaded Viral on Gear VR, if you were lucky enough to get the game for free, if you’ve worked with us, if you’ve taken the time to tweet us, mention us, if you’ve given us feedback on Facebook, if you supported Fierce Kaiju in any way, shape or form during our first year …  then Thank You! We really appreciate it.

The Fierce Kaiju Team.