The New Fierce Kaiju Game Available Now for Gear VR

Welcome to Quarantine ….

A huge expanse full of dastardly Viruses, traps, tricks and hidden secrets – the only way out of here is impress E.V.E by scoring big. Don’t worry, there’s a brand new arsenal on your side – the system wants you to have fun while you’re trapped down here.

Viral Quarantine is available now for Gear VR, and can be downloaded here or through the Oculus app.

Key Features

New Threats, new Weapons

The depths of Quarantine is an especially dangerous place, the lair of the most nefarious Virus. Encounter a range of new adversaries … but you’ll be happy to learn that E.V.E has supplied a stack of brand new weaponry – including the tactile Manipulator, the devastating Guided Shot and the hilarious Lure – to clear your path in the most satisfying of ways