The pioneering VR game is back, remastered for Oculus Rift and now HTC Vive!

The pioneering VR game ‘Viral’ is back in the form of ‘Viral EX’!

Fully revamped for PC technology and supporting Oculus Rift and now HTC Vive, it features Tracked controller support for EX-tra physics-based blasting fun.

The supercomputer E.V.E. has had a facelift but is still teeming with infection. So enter this strange world as Ragnarok the Anti-Virus, newly armed with the shiny and deadly dual-wield Blaster and Deflector Shield combo, and get virus-stomping! Blast away, unleash storms of powerups, or look for that perfect killer trick-shot to make your friends go ‘wow, I wish I could do that’.

Battle across 50 stages of devious enemies, traps and puzzles, and clean up with either your gamepad for Classic gameplay, or embrace the power of Touch for a whole new level of chaotic fun.

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Key Features

All New Look

All new lighting and effects make Viral look prettier and feel more immersive and intense than ever. Dive in and enjoy.

"Viral EX" Trailer


  • Use the hit markers left behind by your own shots to align subsequent shots.

  • Using Touch? Remember to keep an eye on your ammo on the back of the guns.

  • With Touch you can shoot multiple targets at the same time.

  • Make sure you hit the Ghosts!

  • Rebound your shots off surfaces for bigger score bonusses.

  • Touch lets you cast a shield that deflects incoming shots.

The Viral EX Team

When discussing what we wanted to do with ‘Viral EX’ we all had a few ideas with what was important for the game. We knew we wanted the visuals sprucing up, we remain very happy with the Gear VR original to this day, but with bringing EX to Rift we knew we could get the game closer to what we originally had in our heads but couldn’t quite pull off due to the target platform.

Visuals aside we really wanted to take advantage of Oculus’ Touch controllers, a favorite within the FK office. We knew that allowing the player to hold ‘guns’ within the game would add a serious level of cool into the game. So we support Touch and also retain Gamepad support to ensure everyone with Rift can play and enjoy our game.

In addition to this we added an all new asynchronous Party Mode, in Party Mode you must challenge friends and take it in turns to get the highest score on any of the stages that you have unlocked.